Writing takes confidence

It is so hard to start writing something that you just don’t feel like you can write well about. It always feels like I need to do more research or I need to just wait until I’m more awake and refreshed, or better ideas will eventually come to me. Essentially, I usually just don’t feel good enough at this to write it. And it doesn’t even help if someone tells me I’m an amazing writer and I’ll be awesome at this, or whatever. Because then I just feel more pressure that this has to be perfect. I can’t let anyone’s expectations down. So the further I go through school, the harder it is for me to write papers. Because I always feel like I need to one-up the last one and exceed everyone’s expectations.

But here’s one of the thing’s I’ve learned about writing: it can also take desperation. Sometimes you just have to crap everything that is in your mind out onto the paper, regardless of whether or not you think it’s good, just because you have no other options/time left.

So here it goes…